Applicants’ portfolio will be judged by a panel of artists and academicians. The short-listed candidates will be evaluated on the basis of their work at their place of operation. The panel would comprise of scientists, filmmakers and litterateurs.

Objective (I have added some more features to it if it looks good you can keep it else discard )


The experience of art is the way of enlightening the quality of human life and of reaching precession in the choice of values. The aim of the School would be in the direction of finding interdisciplinary paradigms, engaged scholarship, greater amalgamation between various arts; theory and practice on one hand, and between various arts on the other It is particularly a kind of experience that requires fulfillment of a discipline,freely undertaken, a  Knowledge firmly grasped, an enlightened consciousness and an intensity of interest in the creative and imaginative aspects of human life. It is not an experience which takes the artist to that of the material world or one of the context of its society, but an experience which moves through contemporary reality into newer levels of awareness of what human society is.

Artist of the generation to come is the product of the university education rather than the self taught kind. In view of the above and looking at the need of the society, a new trend in CREATIVITY should be set in the culturally rich State of Odisha. The objective of the School is to formalize the education in fine art and design at the University level and attract people from India and abroad to the heritage State for setting up a new trend in the education of fine art and Design which other institutions lack.The approach will be to impart practical knowledge of handling modern tools and equipments in the field of fine art and design  for realizing the thoughts of artists. To pursue this course, one needs to have fundamental knowledge in fine art. Keeping the above context in perspective, the major differences that the proposed School  intends to make while training the students will be in the direction of
(1) developing  ability in conceptual thinking,
(2) promoting historical and critical thinking,
(3) in inculcating research orientation,
(4) in instilling creative concept development,
(5) in enabling adventurous and active creative experimentation
(6) in empowering for creative self-expression and
(7) in sharpening the intention for effective viewer/reader participation.

While the School will seek a direction in creating an amalgamation of various disciplines of arts and Design  into a single curriculum, the attempt will also be directed towards retaining certain methodological characteristics specific to disciplines which will provide possibilities of specialization . This Master Degree seeks fine art  and Design practicing graduates from different parts of the country and abroad.