COURSE Master of Fine Arts (Sculpture) – Two years
ELIGIBILITY Graduate in any discipline
ADMISSION PROCEDURE Applicants’ portfolio will be judged by a panel of artists and academicians. The short-listed candidates will be evaluated on the basis of their work at their place of operation. The panel would comprise of scientists, filmmakers and litterateurs.
CURRICULUM First Year : In the first year, the students are exposed to the process of examining and grasping the emerging research methodologies and new approaches. Emphasis will be on workshops and demonstration with an objective to familiarize students with traditional techniques and the use of modern tools based on the advancement in computer technology. The emphasis will be on absorption of all types of tools and technology that can lead to the quality and rapid execution of the creation. Cross area seminars, symposia, interaction with visiting artists are activities that add to the methods of traditional tools of classroom interaction. The students would be taught to know broadly about the Indian Architecture of sculpture with special empasis on Odisha's sculptures.
  Second Year: The second year students are expected to focus on the absorption and applicability of the tools and methodologies demonstrated in the first year in preparation for professional practice or continuing research.

Campus : Spread over 10 acres of lush green area, the campus of the school instantly can take anyone to ecstacy. In a perfect ambience amidst natural surroundings, the campus will definitely be a stimulating factor to arouse the passion of a student for creating wonders while making the sculpture.

Course Details :

The two-year master’s programme in Fine Art in Sculpture aims to formalize education in sculpture at the university level and attract people from India and abroad to know the rich tradition of Indian sculptures and artefacts.

Students enrolling here will be taught to give shape to their concepts into various mediums. They will also be given freedom of choice in choosing the medium either metal, stone, canvas, fibre or wood. The four-semester course will comprise eight projects that are based on different concepts. Classes will mostly be held in the lap of nature.

The course is so designed that students will definitely be motivated to create wonders in their choosen mediums. The students will be taken to nearby historically important places with abundance of sculptures around. While the classes outdoor will give the students the scope to understand the plentius of Odishan sculpture, besides the school provides a huge workshop for the students with each student being allotted an individual studio (10ft/12ft or 10ft/15ft). At the end of the course they will present their creations in an exhibition through which they will be evaluated.

The theory classes are just very few so the curriculum is based only on practical’s. The curriculum includes mostly ground work. Students will be taken to places of their interest where they can explore possibilities in their own field and medium. Final evaluation will be based on exhibition display and a brief project summary comprising of 5000 words. The school will frequently organize seminars and workshops. There will be one-on-one sessions between the teacher and student.