KIIT School of Fine Art will focus on educating its students to create something through  their visualisation. They will be trained to create something that comes out of their own psyche, their own experiences and their engagement with the world. What distinguishes KIIT School of Fine Art from other such schools is its pedagogy that helps each student to discover and represent his own ideas. The school would give complete freedom to its students to unleash their ideas. Sire, fine art involves explorations of the creative minds that cannot be confined by traditional boundaries or curriculum, each member of the faculty which would be due importance to the creative ideas of this futures. The proposed School is imagined as a breeding ground for the development of newer and different art making practices and theoretical insights.

    Course: Master of Fine Art (Painting, Sculpture)
Master of Design (Industrial Design)

Offered: The MFA and MDes is a two year academic studio-based programme. Students will be kept well informed through theory, practical, exhibitions, professional journals, museums and conferences.

 The final examination for the MFA and MDes will be in form of an exhibition and an examination either oral or written on the theory borred knowldge.

Eligibility: BFA or Graduate in any discipline with knowledge of Fine Art with PORTFOLIO